4 Ways to Improve SEO When Using Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise

//4 Ways to Improve SEO When Using Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise

4 Ways to Improve SEO When Using Shopify Plus and Magento Enterprise

Running your business from the comfort of your home or while on-the-go is a wish to every retailer. Thus, you need to consider starting an e-commerce business. You will not require being in a room to manage your business. With only a smartphone and internet access, you will effectively control your business. An online store is another requirement. Creating one is cheaper than the physical one. You will use an enterprise e-commerce platform to create a professional one quickly. Shopify plus and Magento enterprise will help you on this. They also have the SEO tools that will allow you to get potential buyers without much effort. However, you need to improve their functionality. Here are ways to improve Google ranking when using Shopify plus and Magento enterprise:

Publish relevant and high-quality content

With the SEO feature alone, your online store cannot rank high on search engines. The high-quality content is a number one driver of search engine ranking. Thus, you need to use unique keywords on each page. Because the search engines will only recognize the professional stores, you need to write in a clear language and use the bold, italics, and heading tags.

Compress your files

Shopify plus and Magento enterprise are great because of their customization feature. They will allow you to compress your files for Google to recognize your online store. As you are aware, large files can lower the loading speed of your store. Thus, you need to reduce them to get a better ranking. Search engines only recognize a speedy site. They don’t like wasting time for their customers. Because most of the customers have tight schedules, they love making quick purchases. It is for this reason why Google Yahoo and Bing will only rank high the speedy stores.

Improve your store responsiveness

For your online store to be at the top, it must pass the mobile-friendly test. A massive number of customers who prefer search engines to look for products use the mobile device. Thus, Google and other search engines only recognize a mobile-friendly store. One that supports different mobile devices will load at high speed. In this essence, when using an enterprise e-commerce platform, you need to ensure that it has responsive themes.

Enhance security

Insecurity cases are increasing each day. Due to this, the search engines will not direct their customers to the insecure store. They rank such site lower for customers not to find them. Thus, you need to ensure that Shopify plus and Magento enterprise store have PCI and SSL features to protect customers’ information.